Caffè River

The vision of Caffè River as stated on their website: “To be seen as excellent creators of value in the coffee industry, through constant innovation, superior organization, profound analysis and understanding of critical factors, passion for excellence.” I think Caffè River accurately and profoundly embodies their vision. Their values are also stated– innovation, excellence, responsibility, and integrity. Not only does this 60-year-old, family-run company excel in coffee roasting, but they have an impactful meaning that goes beyond roasting coffee. Caffè River aims to do good and help people through their business.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with freshly brewed coffee. Then, we were given a tour of the roastery. My coffee knowledge is not very strong, so I found the tour very interesting. Honestly, I thought all coffee beans were brown. I had no idea that coffee beans are green, then roasting the beans turns them brown. Also, I had no idea that there are so many types of coffee and ways to roast it. Continuing on with my lack of knowledge, I was amazed with the entire roasting process. Below is a picture of the actual roaster. Once the beans are done roasting, they are released into the large circular sift. From there, the beans are transported via a tube to large tanks (pictured in the second image). Caffè River efficiently bags the coffee beans and ships them to their consumers. IMG_0416IMG_0417

The roasting process was very interesting; however, to me, the most impressive thing about Caffè River was their heart and passion for people. They do not grow their coffee beans, just roast. Therefore, they must get their beans from farmers. They have established a strong, trustworthy bond with their farmers by visiting and formulating fair deals with them. For example, they recently traveled to Uganda to order a shipment of beans. First, they pay their farmers in advance, showing that they trust them. Second, they create deals with the farmers in a way such that all parties are treated fairly. After further explanation, this second concept made more sense.

In Uganda and other under-developed countries, men do the farming and women tend to the families. Sadly, when the men start to make good farming deals, they keep the money to themselves. Instead of sharing with their wives, they claim it is only their money, and then leave their wives for other women. Caffè River has made a deal that if they purchase beans from these farmers, the farmers must share it with their wives and not leave them. To some, getting involved in the personal lives of business partners may seem strange. However, Caffè River has decided to make positive impacts on under-developed communities in a unique and constructive manner. I appreciate their passion and enjoy purchasing items from a company that strives to do good in the world.


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